Environmental Solutions


For almost 20 years, Elad Technologies has been providing solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, air treatment and sludge thickening and drying.

We are specializing in turnkey solutions, including design, implementation and construction, and are also offering operation and maintenance services for the wastewater, water, air and sludge treatment facilities in all industrial sectors.

The dozens of facilities that we have installed during the past twenty years in all industrial sectors provide advanced solutions to a variety of plants’ environmental problems:

  • Treatment of industrial wastewater.
  • Recycling of wastewater and water.
  • Treatment of contaminated air.
  • Sludge thickening and drying.
  • Plans for prevention at the source.
  • Discharges monitoring and measurement.
  • Handling and treatment of hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
  • Dealing with the authorities.

We provide wastewater treatment solutions for an assortment of plants and industrial customers:

  • Metalworking industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Food industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Cosmetics industry.
  • Paper industry.
  • Landfills, waste sorting plants and transit stations.