Galvanic Plating Lines

We are providing our customers with a One Stop Shop solution, from defining the chemical process to an operational line.

We offer each customer the most suitable line configuration while addressing the work processes used at the plant, the available floor area and the interfaces with the processes preceding the plating and with those following it.

We build the lines while thoroughly designing the environmental aspects and addressing the issues of wastewater, air and hazardous materials treatment.

The lines are designed in accordance with the strictest workplace safety standards.

  • Plating lines of all types:
    • Decorative plating: copper, nickel, chrome, silver, gold and more.
    • Zinc plating: acidic, cyanide, alkali, zinc iron, zinc nickel.
    • Hard chrome plating, including electro polishing.
    • Phosphate plating and blackening: manganese, zinc and iron phosphate, nitrite blackening, special blackening.
    • Plating in drums: nickel, tin, zinc and more.
    • Chemical lines: etching line, passivation, chemical cleaning line and more.
    • Plating on plastic.
  • Lines for electronic industry:
    • PCB: copper, desmearing process and processes of the surface preparation for copper prior to lamination.
    • PCB final finishes: ENIG, I-Ag, i-Tin, Ni-Au, OSP.
    • Semiconductors: copper and gold plating at plating lines or a special hooded drum system.
    • Drum lines for discrete components’ plating: copper, tin, nickel, gold plating.
  • Plating lines for automotive, defense and aerospace industries:
    • Hard chrome plating.
    • Electroless nickel plating of aerospace parts.
    • Zinc plating of parts for automotive industry.
    • Cadmium plating of aerospace parts.