Cleaning Lines

Cleaning lines and washing machines are intended for removing oil and dirt residues and for preparing the surface for the finishing process (plating / painting / chemical treatment / packaging).

The cleaning is mostly carried out with water and/or soap at as high temperature as possible, and sometimes in combination with mechanical means (compressed air pressure / brushes / agitation / shaking).

We specialize in adjusting cleaning lines and washing machines to the customer’s and process’ requirements.

We are offering lines and machines for cleaning metal, glass and plastic surfaces of parts of any size and any shape:

  • Bulk or hanged parts of any size.
  • Lines and machines for cleaning of pipes.
  • Washing of parts after machining on their exit from processing machinery.

Washing and cleaning facilities combine various technologies for achieving efficient washing:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Immersion, splashing, rotation.
  • Combination of air and water.
  • Drying with heat or compressed air.
  • Use of media for mechanical cleaning.

Cleaning lines and washing machines are designed while emphasizing the environmental quality and workplace safety aspects. The facilities comprise the recycling of wash water, removal of oil by various means, suction of fumes and protection of workers against contact with hot water or hazardous substances.

Cleaning and washing facilities are supplied with sophisticated control and documenting systems that allow for the control and documenting of the process quality and include sophisticated report generators.