Painting lines

Cataphoretic painting is today a cornerstone of corrosion protection in the automotive industry, defense industry and agricultural machinery industry. Electric lacquering becomes a widespread process in the jewelry industry.

We are manufacturing and supplying equipment for electric painting, from electric lacquering tanks to complete automated electric painting lines.

  • Anaphoretic painting.
  • Cataphoretic painting.
  • Electric lacquering.
  • Painting preparation lines:
    • Zinc phosphate.
    • Zirconium.
    • Cleaning.

Together with our sister company Amza, which represents in Israel the world’s biggest manufacturer of electric painting equipment PPG, we are experts in setting up electric lacquering and cataphoretic painting lines.

Painting lines and painting preparation lines are supplied while paying thorough attention to environmental aspects, including integrative design of prevention and wastewater treatment processes, water recycling, air treatment and hazardous materials management.

The lines are designed in accordance with the strictest workplace safety and hygiene standards, with an emphasis placed on the convenience of the equipment operation and maintenance.