About us

Turnkey Projects – From Concept to Operation

ELAD Technologies provides fully automated, plating, finishing and wastewater treatment systems to the Surface Finishing, Electronics, PWB and Aviation industries. Our engineering, design, manufacturing and implementation teams supply turn-key projects, tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, ELAD is fully committed to the highest quality standards. Established in 1980, ELAD boasts over 30 years of delivering manufacturing excellence to both local and multinational customers.

ELAD’s complete solutions  include the definition of the required chemical process, waste treatment requirements and solutions, line components design, electromechanical design, automated and computerized control, manufacturing, installation, start-up, training and ongoing customer support.

 In 1987, ELAD entered into a cooperation agreement with AMZA Ltd. The affiliation with Israel’s premier surface finishing technologies supply-house, greatly contributed to ELAD’s ability to offer customers an effective combination of process knowhow and design efficiency.

Environmental and Recycling Solutions for Industrial Wastewater

The environmental division of ELAD specializes in supplying Turn-Key solutions for the treatment of industrial and agricultural wastewater. We design, build commission and supply long term operation for specific and difficult wastewater, and specialize in Zero Liquid Discharge solutions for industrial wastewater streams, including sludge dewatering and drying. We have been working in the metal, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and dairy industries for over 20 years.

Providing Solutions for Automatic Production and Environmental Demands
Plating and Surface Finishing lines:

Decorative Copper/Nickel/Chrome plating lines
Zinc and Zinc Alloys electroplating lines
Electro polish lines
Degreasing and cleaning machines.

PWB and Electronics Production:

Panel/pattern plating lines
Electro-less copper and Nickel for Through Hole Plating and EMI Shielding
Barrel Lines for chip plating (Tin, Tin/Lead, Copper, Nickel and Gold)

Aviation and Blades Production Technologies:

Milling and etching for Titanium, Nickel alloys and Stainless Steel blades
Non Destructive Cracks Detection by FPI – (immersion, spray and electrostatic application)
Blades plating and cleaning – Electro-less Nickel and Cadmium
Aluminum cleaning and conversion coating

Waste Treatment and Environmental solutions:

Heavy metal removal
Chromium reduction
Cyanide destruction
Rinse water recycling
Zero liquid discharge solutions
Biological treatment
Sludge dewatering and sludge drying
Air treatment: Scrubbers, mist eliminators
Clean Air Act solutions
Wastewater recycling and reduce

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