Wastewater Evaporation

Industrial wastewater discharge standards, particularly the restrictions on the salts flowing into the sewage system, often require problematic wastewater streams to be treated separately in order not to contaminate the general wastewater stream.

The separated stream has to be directed to the outside treatment site at high costs.

The use of evaporators for reducing the volume of solutions to be removed, while recycling the condensate, has become in the recent years a common practice for reducing the problematic and brine streams.

Elad Technologies is an exclusive representative in Israel of the EVALED line of products by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies.

During the past decade, over 15 evaporators of various types have been installed in Israel across the whole range of industries and applications, and we have gained the best experience in this field in Israel.

Wastewater suitable for evaporation:

  • 5 – 100 m3 per day.
  • Brines with a high organic substance content, or organic wastewater with a high salt content.
  • Non degradable or toxic organic substances (residuals of medicines, oils, emulsions, etc.).
  • Brines and wastewater containing salts: boron, sodium, chloride, sulphate.
  • Heavy metals that are difficult for removal (mercury, lithium, molybdenum, arsenic, etc.).
  • Leachates from landfills and transit stations.

Evaporation benefits:

  • Suitable to almost any wastewater composition – allows for the treatment of hard sewage.
  • Water recycling from the wastewater.
  • Easy treatment – closed and clean machinery.
  • Almost no need in added chemicals.
  • Possibility of combining various types of wastewater in the same treatment.
  • Automatic continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Types of wastewater evaporators:

  • Heat pump vacuum evaporator                          (EVALED series E and series R)
  • Water heating / cooling vacuum evaporator       (EVALED series EW and series RW)
  • MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression)          (EVALED series TC and series RV)
  • Atmospheric evaporator