Surface Finishing Lines

Surface finishing lines

For over three decades, Elad Technologies has been supplying automatic plating and surface finishing lines for metalworking, aerospace, defense, automotive, jewelry, PCB and electronic components industries.

The lines are tailored to our customers’ needs and combine our engineering, design, manufacturing and installation capabilities, as well as our long years of experience as a recognized leader in this field.

We are prepared to provide our customers with lines in all possible configurations:

  • Automatic / semi-automatic / manual lines.
  • Lines using barrels / jigs / baskets / pipes.
  • Lines for full or partial encapsulation.
  • Customized machines for special finishing / plating / cleaning processes.

We offer each customer a tailored solution for the entire range of coatings and applications:

  • Decorative plating: nickel, copper, chrome, gold, silver, and more.
  • Engineering plating: nickel, hard chrome, tin.
  • Surface finishing for aerospace industry: etching and pickling for titanium, NDT lines, cleaning and etching for aluminum, and more.
  • Plating for PCB processes and electronic components: copper, tin, gold, i-Ag, ENIG, nickel – gold, desmear, and more.
  • Zinc plating: alkali, acidic, cyanide, zinc phosphate, zinc iron, zinc nickel.
  • Blackening, phosphatization.
  • Surface treatment for aluminum: anodizing, alodining, passivation.
  • Electroless plating processes: nickel, copper.
  • Plating on plastics.
  • Cleaning and preparation lines: ultrasonic, special cleaning processes, preparation for painting, including phosphate substitutes.
  • Cataphoretic and anaphoretic painting lines.

Together with our sister company Amza Ltd., we offer our customers a comprehensive solution – from concept to operation:

  • Process definition (chemistry, process parameters, process cycles).
  • Designing environmental solutions: design of rinsing regimens, wastewater treatment and water recycling, air treatment, storage and dosing of hazardous materials, and more.
  • Definition of equipment, specifications and construction materials.
  • Detailed design: including AutoCad and Solidworks modeling.
  • Manufacturing and installation: including electrics and software.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance services.