Chemical Lines

Chemical surface treatment processes are an essential component in the manufacturing processes of most metal parts.

We are experts in adjusting chemical treatment lines to the customer’s and the process’ requirements.

Elad’s chemical treatment lines comply with the strictest requirements of the aerospace, automotive and PCB industries, and most of them have been certified by NADCAP and by such customers as Boeing, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, John Deere, and more.

Chemical treatment lines require thorough environmental design, including integrative design of prevention and wastewater, air and hazardous materials treatment processes.

The lines are designed in accordance with the strictest workplace safety and hygiene standards, with an emphasis placed on the convenience of the equipment operation and maintenance.

We specialize, inter alia, in setting up lines for the following chemical treatments:

  • Etching and processing of titanium and steel parts.
  • Conversion to aluminum parts: hard anodizing, chromate anodizing, alodining, chemical ironing, etching for aluminum, ROHS processes.
  • Preparation to painting: cleaning, removal of corrosion and oxides, preparation to zincless painting.
  • Passivation: with chrome or without chrome.
  • Electro polish of stainless steel.
  • Blackening: manganese phosphate, nitrite blackening, special blackening.

Chemical lines are supplied with sophisticated control and documenting systems that allow for the control and documenting of the process quality and include sophisticated report generators.

The control systems also enable interfaces with other production processes at the plant, including batch monitoring by means of barcodes, automatic interface with test systems, and more.