Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Dozens of facilities installed by us in Israel, part of which we are also operating under long term agreements, deal with a variety of the industries’ problems:

Removal of heavy metals.
Elimination of cyanides.
Reduction of chromates.
Removal of suspended solids.
Removal of oils and fats.
Removal of salts.
Removal of COD, BOD, TOC.
Compression and drying of sludge from wastewater treatment facilities.
Programs of prevention at the source.
Treatment of landfills, waste sorting plants and transit stations.

We are always thorough to begin the design of a solution with the upstream, in an attempt to attain, to the possible extent, prevention and separation at the source and to obtain an optimal solution for the plant’s water and wastewater system. In this way, we adapt the most suitable solution to each plant while integrating a variety of the most advanced technologies in the field, and among others:

  • Evaporation: vacuum and MVR evaporators.
  • Physical and chemical treatment based on grooved profiles of our own design and manufacture.
  • Membrane systems: UF, RO, rotary disk membranes, ceramic membranes.
  • Flotation: DAF.
  • Advanced oxidation (AOT).
  • Ion exchangers.
  • Sludge compression: filter presses, centrifuges, decanters.
  • Sludge dryers.

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